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Monster Brains Studios FREE Spider Solitaire is unique in a way that this is first ever super social mobile Solitaire which combines in it brain training and ultimate fun of making new friends from all over the world. Here you can both paly with your old friends or meet new friends and challenge each other in multi-player game modes. You can also play by yourself versus intelligent computer. Our community of players is very friendly and welcoming. There are many exciting FREE Spider Solitaire game modes you will truly love and enjoy. During the game you always can chat with friends in real time and even exchange cute gifts, which can be purchased in our virtual in-game store. So there are plenty of exciting multi-player games, including league tournaments where you play at different levels with different stakes in different cities. You can create your own leagues with your own rules or be invited to your friends' league and make big battles there. There are also weekly Promo tournaments with huge pool prizes, and if you win in our tournaments you will be listed on the Leader boards and become a super star among other players. All the tournaments are played between 8 players in pairs, the one who wins move further and the one who loses gets kicked out of the tournament. Tournaments are the great way to improve your Spider Solitaire gaming skills since you play on time and every move is accounted towards your win. There are also exciting mini-games in FREE Spider Solitaire, like Wheel of Fortune, Slots and Scratch and Win, which you should definitely try out. The Beauty of FREE Spider Solitaire is that you can choose the difficulty level at which you play the game! You can start with playing one suit Spider Solitaire and advance your card games up to four different suits in the game difficulty level. Spider Solitaire is the most complex patience game you can find which gives you plenty opportunities to have long-time hobby form the beginner level up to becoming a master.

Free Spider Solitaire – the Game Order

The objective of Spider Solitaire is to pull card piles from all of the cards in the game. The piles should be build in the descending order keeping the same suit, once the pile has been built it disappears from the game table. At the start of the game you have two decks of cards to sort out total 104 cards. All of them are lying in 8 piles with only top cards faces up. There are 6 cards in first 4 piles and 5 cards in the remaining ones. The rest of cards remain in the stock pile in the bottom right corner of the game screen until you flip it, which you do when you are out of moves in the tableau area. Basically tableau area is the main game screen with all of the 8 piles just mentioned above. And in the tableau area you can move cards between each other, putting cards of lower rank on top of the higher rank ones. You can both put cards of alternate color and of the same color in this manner, but it is better to put them in the same color, so it leads towards complete pile, which will later disappear. Because card piles of different colors doesn't help you in this way, they just serve as buffer to locate unwanted cards for a while. You also can move multiple cards of the same color at once between the piles and place any type of cards on the empty places in the tableau. So you should build card stacks of the same suit in the descending order starting from King to Ace. When you create 8 of such card piles, you win the game. One more thing, when you want to flip stock pile, make sure there are no empty spaces on the tableau, because if there are spaces, you have to fill them with cards before flip the stock.

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